Suddenly dislike my life now. Been emo-ing for a while.

Don't like the hospital

Don't like the doctors

Don't like their management.

Just 3 letters - FML

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  • Sep 23 Sun 2012 10:35
  • sighz.

seem like no choice but to put dad in st luke's. whole house in a demoralizing state. bascally is agruement over money issue. my 2nd bro was like kip sayin so ex wtc. i got piss off. and say i bear the whole cost. is out dad, why argue over it? actually each person share abit of cost, what's so difficult? why see money so important? bad mood. super bad mood. 

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  • Sep 22 Sat 2012 11:54
  • my dad

suddenly feel the burden. after dad 2nd hospitalization, seem like we gotta put him in day care. doc say best put in st. luke but mom don wan. day care need my hm and bring him back hm at nite so dad won be so bored and we can chat with him.

stroke is really demoralizing. not only his right side cant really move well, he cant speak very well too. he ia going to be discharge tmr, 1st necessary thing is the wheelchair. i shd really taken up that job offer even though i dont like it. at least a source of income. i feel so useless nw. maybe i shd listen to john o and go back to mp to work part time first even though i dread going back there.

it is a bad year, definitely. 

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Scrappy is my hobby. And I always like scrappy whenever I am free. Thinking that dear Mrs Neo's birthday is coming, I decided to make a small simple card for her, and give her together with her favourite Hello Kitty

It was really simple as I only use one construction paper, some card stocks, one piece of masking paper and a frabic tape

Some card stocks that I recently bought and I juz had to pick up 3 of them for the card cum evelope


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I'm an addict. An addict to scrapbooking. From my most simple piece to the most recent piece. I still feel there are a lot of improvements I can make. Although I did help a few friends with their scrapbooking, I still feel that I am not good enough. Wondering, should I go attend one of the scrapbook class and see what is it that I am lacking of..


The simplest I had done.


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