Just when I thought finally my thesis is ending, my supervisor emailed me and say " you can submit to the school already." Overjoy! My thesis is approved! but I was worried that that the similarity is high (cannot over 35%) and then when I check yesterday, woohoo~ 25%! I am more than just safe.. *smiling away* Well, that is not all, I gotten a free concert ticket from my bestie~ Daivd Foster & friends! For those who don't know him, he is a very good composer. He wrote "I will always lov you", "Hard to say I'm sorry", "Glory of love" etc. Love him max! And best part, Kenneth Edmonds (Babyface who sing "End of the road") went down the stage while singing, kneel down before me and shake my hand~~ Did I mention I had a really good seat near the passageway and very near to the stage?  It's a good week! Am loving it~~



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