Start of a New Year. Let me review my 2012. *smile*

1. Went Bangkok for shopping! Only one trip this year though.


2. Finally left my old company after saying I wanted to leave for a year. My longest working history so far, 4 long years.


3. My first musical: The Wicked!

2012-02-26 13.09.10

4. My first NDP (Although it is just a preview) in my 29 years. With my couple of sweet girls (and a girl bf)


5. My first trip down to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) with my poly gang~


6. My first F1 in Singapore. (Thanks to dear Stacey)


7. First time receive a big bouquet of liles

2012-04-09 18.51.05  

8. Scrappy is my new hobby~ A total of 16 notebooks, 4 photo frames altered, 1 guestbook, 8 cards completed.


9. Graduated with a degree (finally) after 4.5 years of struggle.


10. Found a new job and start working in an office environment (at last)!

My new year resolution? Or rather what I want to achieve. do?

1. More Overseas trips! Taiwan, Bangkok (Yes again) and US for this year!

2. More scrappy/ alteration

3. Take a 全家福 photo with my family





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