finally start to send resume. however, I guess I am very selective, only choosing those I like and I think can stay. Slowly taking my time to find the job I want. Having more time to do some scrapbooking as well. This kind of life ain't bad but then again, it is always good to work.

Have been enjoying my life now, went see-saw (a place where my mom refuse to let me go when I am young) to play, USS for rides, finding good dessert places and went for NDP preview (my first time!)




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Bz... Bz... Bz...

Why is it that I already quit my job and I am still so busy? One literature paper and it is killing me.. To think I am concurrently doing my final report for my project.. With no result on hand yet, all I can do is research, research, research.. After reading countless medical website and articles (Just my literature paper I already reference at least 40 articles), I felt a need to change my specs le.. Constantly on the computer is terrible plus horrible.. Endure Joy Endure! Just a few months more and you will be free! Free from literature paper, project, report, exams and tests!!

Can I be a baby back? Where there are no worries..


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Tis is the first week I am unemployed. After saying so long, I am finally out of the company, I suddenly feel lost.. I miss working, miss grumbling over how much work was being piled up, miss having "entertainment at work" with my staffs, and mostly, miss my wonderful colleagues in the lab.

Focusing totally in studies and report was an experience. It was something I never tried before, even back in poly days (was always half working, half studying). Kinda weird, kinda lost (yes, this word again, lost). Isn't this what I wanted in the first place when I decided to quit my job? I should learn how to enjoy being just a student and nothing more right? But working for so many donkey years, I realize I am really not cut out to be juz a student. I am a workaholic I guess. After this degree, I guess I will not go into M.Sc. A torture to study, and nice to work (income and fun!).

Busy busy month for me. To complete my abstract, my poster, my final report, and of co 2 super thick book of regulation to memorise during my last semester of degree. But well, it is nice to be able to just study and not working right (psycho-ing myself)

Joy! Aza Aza Fighting!

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It has been a while since I last update my blog. Alot had been happening and I am still learning and at the same time, enjoying my new life.

People say I am brave, that I have the courage to leave my job, unempolyed, and take a 1 month break from work. I would say, if I did not take this step out, I will ever be able to push myself to get another job (a dream job, maybe). No  matter how, I will still miss my wonderful colleagues, who had been with me for the past 4 years. And some of them even stay by my side during my "down time". What more can I ask for? I can only say I am fortunate to have them with me. I wish I can have wonderful colleagues again in my new job.

A lot of thoughts. A lot of sad moments (I predict). However, I had a great time working with the people I liked in the company.

Loved my colleagues and I hope I can stay n touch with my "gang".

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葉子的離開,是因為風的追求,還是樹的不挽留。- 藤井樹

一直很喜欢这句话。 虽然已经忘了是哪一本小说读到的, 但是, 这么多年了,这句话依旧常环绕在我脑海中。
所以, 就决定转载到这里。

倘若你愛上一個人,千萬別裝作無所謂毫不在乎...錯過了,就沒有了.... 愛情,玩不起心理戰的


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